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Monday, April 22, 2024

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Walker Zanger expands natural stone tile series with large-format stone designs

New series offers seven natural stone materials in five new large-format sizes
LOS ANGELES–Walker Zanger, North America’s premier slab, stone and tile design resource expands its natural stone tile series with seven hard-wearing materials. Quickly sourced and developed in response to popular demand by the architect and design community to offer more large-format natural stone tiles, the series includes natural Limestone, Coral Stone, Marble, Quartzite, Travertine, Granite, and new Dolomite material in a variety of colors, finishes and large-format sizes. The addition of this comprehensive collection of large-format natural stone tiles showcases the brand’s commitment to offer customers an all-in-one source of high-end tiles and slabs of superior quality and variety.
Walker Zanger has a history rooted in sourcing the finest natural stone materials available. The company’s passionate, painstaking search has led to the creation of its most extensive collection of large-format natural stone tiles yet. Consisting of over 60 new tiles in five sizes designed to minimize grout lines and create seamless surfaces, the collection pays homage to the enduring essence of natural stone through its sheer depth and variety.

“We’re a company with deep roots in sourcing natural stone,” said Suzi Portugal, Vice President of Design and Sourcing. “We are providing our customers with more highly-requested, large-format stone options than ever before to complete their spaces and flawlessly bring the natural world indoors.”

The series is available in a variety of large formats including 18”x36”, 36”x36”, 12”x24”, 24”x24”, and 24”x48” sizes. The neutral, color range of stone whites, ivories, greys, beiges, and blacks, offers warm and cool hues to create sleek designs. The series is ideal for commercial and residential flooring, countertops, and wall applications in interior and exterior spaces. To learn more about the natural stone tile collections, visit walkerzanger.com.
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