October 25, 2014

LUXE Linear Drains Rolls Out Stylish New Pattern Grate Option

LUXE Linear Drains has bolstered its multiple award-winning collection of architectural-grade, 100%

stainless steel linear shower drains with the addition of a new, stylish range of decorative linear pattern grate drains for modern design custom showers in both private homes and all commercial settings. Many prestigious contemporary architects, interior designers and custom home builders have sourced LUXE Linear Drains for beautiful showers and wetrooms in some of the most luxurious international hotelier brands and modern healthcare facility building projects across the country. LUXE Linear Shower Drain – Pattern Grate drains feature a classic square-hole pattern grid design that delivers a powerful visual as well as highly efficient performance in six standard lengths and two finish styles.

LUXE Linear Pattern Grate Shower Drains are more than ideal for every shower drain application imaginable in both style and function. And with the newly discovered, seemingly limitless design freedom provided by the entire LUXE Linear Drains collection, the design world has finally uncovered a new source of inspiration for custom shower design as well as a much-needed option for creating modern, ADA-compliant showers with true style appeal. The LUXE Linear Shower Drain – Pattern Grate series provides one more perfect solution for curbless or barrier-free entry, wheel-in-showers featuring uninterrupted large format porcelain tile designs for homeowners aging in place or the grandest of mixed-use, multi-shower lifestyle destination building projects found anywhere in the world. The trend continues for just one, or for 100 tub-to-shower conversions, as well as for the hugely popular zero-threshold entry design that promotes easy to use, safe showers that also meet all requirements for Title III, ADA-compliant showers in hospitality, healthcare, hotel casino resorts, stadiums, fitness centers, apartments, condos, military or multi-housing projects and more.

LUXE Linear Shower Drain – Pattern Grate, 100% stainless steel shower drains six standard lengths include 26”, 30”, 36”, 40”, 48” and 60”, with

several custom sizes, patterns and finish styles available per request. LUXE Linear Drains have been universally designed for remarkably fast, easy installations, featuring a welded 2” central diameter outlet that simply replaces the strainer and flange for easy, fast installations in any standard clamped down shower floor. In addition, all LUXE Linear Shower Drains are produced independent of any waterproofing membrane or specific manufacturer. Instead, the complete series of LUXE Linear Shower Drains are designed to be compatible with any and all approved waterproofing membranes, materials and methods.

For more product information, hi-res images or media placement requests please contact Eric Carson, Director of Blueprint Global Media at epc@blueprintglobalmedia.com or call 207.317.3775.

For all sales information contact LUXE Linear Drains, P.O. Box 8064, Atlanta, Georgia 31106. Call 877.398.8110, or email the President, Joe Phillips at joe@luxelineardrains.com. www.lineardrains.com


MAPEI brings ShowerPerfect™ to market

MAPEI has extended its support of the tile installation systems market with the introduction of two ShowerPerfect Installation Kits – one that uses a showerliquid membrane for waterproofing and one that uses a sheet membrane. These installation systems focus on tub-to-shower conversions in hotels, hospitals, university dormitories, condominiums and rental apartments where contractor production and end performance are critical.

ShowerPerfect Installation Systems feature a patented PVC linear drain with a unique design, including extenders that allow the installer to fabricate a wall-to-wall drain installation from 24″  to 32″ (61,0 to 81,3 cm). The ShowerPerfect pre-sloped linear drain system allows architects to design with large-format tile on  floors, as well as walls, opening up more opportunities for modern design elements in shower compartments. Installers are able to complete their shower-pan and tile-installation work more quickly, an important factor in commercial renovations.

ShowerPerfect has two distinct benefits for installers,” said Brian Pistulka, MAPEI’s Business Manager for Tile & Stone Installation Systems. “Because shower tub compartments come in many sizes and shapes, the ShowerPerfect linear drain has been designed with extenders that allow the installer to fabricate a wall-to-wall strainer installation on site. Plus, the modular pre-sloped panel comes in three pieces – two panels and a shower support frame – that makes it easier to install than one-piece systems.”

The installation procedure is very straightforward:

  1. Install pre-sloped panels with Ultraflex RS mortar
  2. Insert the linear drain ( hub-to-hub connection or no-hub connection)
  3. Waterproof with (depending upon architect’s specification):
    1. Sheet membrane, or
    2. Liquid membrane
  4. Ready to tile

Detailed CAD drawings and specifications describing the drain-to-waste-line connection are available in the ShowerPerfect reference guides for architects and installers.

ShowerPerfect Installation Kits are stocked at MAPEI operations facilities and will be available through selected MAPEI distributors who serve the commercial and residential builder renovation market.

Pearl PA10 Tile Saw

pearlThe New Pearl PA10 Tile Saw is a Professional Tile Saw at a Value Price!  It is engineered with a steel frame and cast aluminum components.  The PA10 is equipped with a POWERFUL 2 HP Motor with thermal overload protection and has a belt driven shaft.  It is one of the only saws in its class that come standard with a Heavy Duty Stainless Steel water tray.

The Pearl PA10 Tile saw weighs only 73 lbs. and is capable of doing a Rip Cut on a 24” x 24” tile and an Diagonal Cut on an 18” x 18” tile.  Included with the saw is a 10” Professional Porcelain Diamond Blade, heavy duty stainless steel water tray, 45°/90° rip guide, universal wrench and water pump.  The Pearl PA10 also comes with a 1-Yr limited warranty.



MAPEI Flexcolor™ CQ – A Whole New Generation of Grout

Today there is a new breed of single-component, ready-to-use grout available that makes the job easier for tile-setting professionals. The key focus of flexMAPEI’s new MAPEI Flexcolor CQ is a water-based styrene acrylic co-polymer with a proprietary admixture package using coated quartz aggregate technology. This next-generation grout offers a triple benefit to installers: workability, cleanability and color consistency.

“We are focusing on the commercial installer, to bring them MAPEI quality with the ease of ready-to-use grout,” said David Mowery, Tile & Stone Installation Systems Business Manager for Color Products and the UltraCare line. “This is not the old-style premixed grout, but a next-generation product that is simple to apply and almost effortless to clean. It leaves little to no haze on the tile after the initial wash.”

flex 2In addition, MAPEI Flexcolor CQ should eliminate callbacks from consumers about grout not being color-consistent throughout the area of their tile floor. “This product combines chemical resistance and stain resistance comparable to epoxy grouts with the abrasion resistance of cementitious grout to bring the end user an ease of maintenance never experienced before,” Mowery added. “Plus, MAPEI Flexcolor CQ’s ability to rebond over an existing installation ensures flush joints and easy touch-up of any damaged joints or tile replacement in the future.” 

MAPEI Flexcolor CQ is available in 26 colors. It can be purchased in both 1-gallon (3,79 L) and 2-gallon (7,57 L) plastic pails with EZ-Store pail design and a flip-top resealable lid. Coverage is approximately 100 square feet per gallon (2,45 m2 per L), based on a 12″ x 12″ x 3/8″ (30 cm x 30 cm x 10 mm) thick tile with a ¼-inch (6 mm) grout joint. The 1-gallon (3,79 L) coverage is comparable to a 10-lb. (4,54 kg) bag of cementitious grout powder, and the 2-gallon (7,57 L) coverage is close to a 25-lb. (11,3 kg) powder bag.

MAPEI Flexcolor CQ can be purchased by professional tile and stone installers through their local MAPEI distributor. MAPEI sales representatives are available to provide additional information and training on the use of this new breed of grout.


MAPEI Group, with 68 subsidiaries including 63 plants in 31 countries, is today the world leader in the manufacturing of adhesives and complementary products for the installation of all types of floor and wall coverings. The company also specializes in manufacturing other chemical products for building, including waterproofing products, special mortars and admixtures for concrete, products for the restoration of ancient buildings, and special decorative and protective coatings for walls.

  Eighteen MAPEI manufacturing facilities are located in the Americas, with headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida. MAPEI is an environmentally conscious manufacturer – the company has been a member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2001 and a member of the Canadian Green Building Council since 2008. MAPEI Americas is a registered provider to the AIA/CES program and also offers training related to ceramic and stone tile, floor coverings and concrete repair through the MAPEI Technical Institute. The Quality Management Systems of the majority of MAPEI Americas facilities are ISO 9001 certified. Visit www.mapei.com for technical data or call 1-800-42-MAPEI (1-800-426-2734) for the nearest location.

Fila set to launch two new surface solution products at Coverings 2014

Fila, the natural surface care specialist, will be launching two new high performance treatments at Coverings 2014 (April 29 – May 2).  FILASTOP DIRT, the new fila 1protective dirt-barrier, is designed to create an invisible dirt-repellant barrier on textured and unpolished porcelain, and FILANO DROPS is a dual-purpose glass cleaner and protector. 

Designed for indoor and outdoor surfaces, FILASTOP DIRT chemically bonds to surfaces, providing resistance to foot traffic and general wear.  It also protects against water and oil stains, and limits water retention; this has been demonstrated by lab tests conducted on surfaces that were laid in accordance with UNI 11493. FILASTOP DIRT is UV-resistant, will not yellow, and it will not alter the material’s original degree of slip resistance, as proven in tests conforming to the B.C.R.A. and ASTMC 1028- 2007 methods.  FILASTOP DIRT’s ready-to-use formulation also features Micrometrics technology* – tried-and–tested science that respects the end user and the environment.

filaFILANO DROPS is a new addition to Fila’s Green Line.  The no-rinse spray treatment cleans without streaks, and creates an invisible hydrophilic film – similar to water molecules – so water droplets slide off surfaces without leaving lime scale residues.    It is solvent-free and its non-acidic formula is ideal for showers, mirrors, glass mosaics and glazed ceramics.  It can also be used to clean faucets, stainless steel and Plexiglas, and plastic.

For more information about any of Fila’s surface care solutions products, please contact Fila Chemicals USA Corp on tel. +1 305-513-0708, visit us at our website  www.fila@filasolutions.com , or stop at Coverings 2014 Fila’s Booth # L15027 

Editors’ Note: 

Established in 1943, Fila is a global, eco-focused company.  It specialises in surface care solutions for marble, natural stone, porcelain, terracotta and wood.   Combining the traditional values of a family-run firm with innovative product development, Fila products are recommended by over 200 floor manufacturers throughout the world.

*Like all FILA products, FILASTOP DIRT contains micrometric particles that are the same size as stone/ceramic pores – between 10-3 and 10-6 μm – so they are able to penetrate a tile’s pores effectively.  Unlike new nanotech-sized particles – which are more reactive and small enough to enter cells and tissues – tried-and-tested micrometric particles pose no risk to the environment, or public health. 

Restore shine safely with added-value Fila Kristall Plus

Fila has launched a new shine-restorer for polished natural stone.  Part of Fila’s surface maintenance range, new FILA KRISTALL PLUS is a professional crystallizer that restores natural sheen to worn tiles, without compromising safety.  The new high-coverage treatment is ideal for the professional renovation of marble, travertine, agglomerates and limestone, in both domestic and commercial installations.

filaFILA KRISTALL PLUS requires no dilution, is easy to apply and provides high coverage; one litre of product treats approx. 50 m².  As well as restoring sheen quickly, FILA KRISTALL PLUS creates additional resistance to daily traffic, making on-going maintenance faster and easier.  Also, unlike many crystallizing products which can make the surface slippery, FILA KRISTALL PLUS is also certified to meet international standard safety parameters.  

After cleaning the floor with a degreasing detergent, FILA KRISTALL PLUS is sprayed onto the dry surface and immediately polished, using a single-brush machine; first at 150 rpm with a white disc, then at 400 rpm with a steel wool disc.   The acid pH preparation is free from hydrochloric acid (also known as muriatic acid), so it will not erode aluminium or steel – or present a hazard to users or the environment.

For more information on Fila’s surface care range, please contact Fila Chemicals USA Corp on tel. +1 305-513-0708 or visit www.filasolutions.com

ends  -

Editors’ Note:  Established in 1943, Fila is a global, eco-focused company.  It specialises in surface care solutions for marble, natural stone, porcelain, terracotta and wood.   Combining the traditional values of a family-run firm with innovative product development, Fila products are recommended by over 200 floor manufacturers throughout the world.

For further media information and photography, please contact Angela Fitzhugh PR Ltd (UK) on tel. +44 (01590) 688667 or email enquiries@afpr.co.uk

Nuheat launches North America’s 1st WiFi Floor Heating Thermostat

Nuheat SIGNATURE WiFi thermostat.

Nuheat SIGNATURE WiFi thermostat.

Las Vegas, Nevada – January 7, 2014—Nuheat announced this morning at the Consumer Electronics Show, that it will launch North America’s first WiFi floor heating thermostat, the Nuheat SIGNATURE.

The Nuheat SIGNATURE will give homeowners full access to all thermostat settings with wireless remote access through a smartphone app (iOS or Android) or a web browser.  Changing the temperature or schedule, or viewing energy usage will all be at the homeowners’ fingertips.

The Nuheat SIGNATURE is like no other in our industry,” said Wally Lo, Nuheat’s Product Manager. “It has been designed and developed exclusively for Nuheat by OJ Electronics and after over a year of development, we are extremely excited to bring it to market. Extensive market research from homeowners and contractors alike confirmed the market is expecting connectivity for remote access.  A myriad of household products ranging from locks to lights to heating systems offer the ease of on-the-go control. Our new thermostat allows the user to activate the floor heat for vacation properties or, to simply turn up the heat for a cozy return home.”

The Nuheat SIGNATURE will available for sales in spring 2014.

Product Features:

  • WiFi – Easily connects to Wi-Fi network;  802.11 b/g/n compatible and a fully secure network WEP, WPA and WPA2
  • Screen – 3.5”, 320×480 pixel color backlit LCD touchscreen
  • Remote access – Control via free smartphone apps (iOS and Android) or a web browser
  • Programmable – 7-day programmability
  • Weather – Outdoor temperature and weather forecast information available according to zip/postal code; supported by The Weather Channel
  • Energy Usage –View hourly, weekly and monthly usage on the thermostat unit
  • Nuheat User Portal – Control thermostats in multiple zones/rooms/homes and input local kilowatt charges and heated area square footage for more detailed energy costs
  • Universally compatible – Compatible with most electric floor heating systems (those with a 10K Ω sensor)
  • Easy to Use - “Set-up Wizard” and Test Mode for proper installation
  • Flooring – Suitable for tile and stone and has a temperature limiting (82°F) feature for laminate and engineered wood floors
  • GFCI – Built-in Class A GFCI
  • Custom Preferences – Users can set custom preferences ranging from languages (Eng/Fre/Spa), 12 or 24 hour clock, C° or F°, to screen brightness
  • Design Element – Boasts a high gloss frame with a modern borderless clear acrylic overlay
  • Specifications – UL approved, dual-voltage; compatible for 120V and 240V systems. 15-amp relay to control up to 150 square feet in 120V and 300 square feet in 240V
  • Warranty – 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sensor – Can be controlled by floor or room temperature sensor
  • Clock – Automatic daylight savings time. Back-up power for up to 12 hours
  • Adaptive – Adapts turn-on time to ensure floor is always warm at your scheduled time

About Nuheat

 Based in Vancouver, Canada, Nuheat is North America’s leading manufacturer of electric floor heating systems and a distributor of heat trace for pipes, roof & gutters and slab. Nuheat products have been included in such celebrated projects as the Shangri-La Tower in Vancouver, the Hyatt Grand in Aspen, the Plaza Hotel in New York and Montreal’s city hall. www.nuheat.com

About OJ Electronics

OJ Electronics was established in 1964 and is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of under floor heating and HVAC controls. Headquartered in Sønderborg, Denmark, OJ’s products are available through distributors worldwide. OJ holds a strong international position with subsidiaries and sales offices placed in global markets, including US, UK, Russia, and Poland.


bostikBostik, Inc. (bostik-us.com), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of adhesives and sealants, announced today that it is introducing a groundbreaking new adhesion technology. Named Axios™ Tri-Linking™ Polymer Technology, the innovation is expected to raise the standard for single-solution, hardwood flooring installation adhesives.

A genuine breakthrough in adhesion science, Axios™ distinguishes itself from the competition at the molecular level.

Modern hardwood adhesives contain linear polymer chains and therefore can only link to other molecules at each end. With Axios™ Tri-Linking™ Polymer Technology, Bostik introduces a revolutionary molecule that features three branches, like a tripod. The unique molecules are able to link in three locations instead of only two, creating a stronger bond.

The branched molecule also means that Tri-Linking polymers become more entangled, creating a tighter, interwoven layer that dramatically improves overall bond strength, moisture protection, and sound reduction.

“Bostik has a long history of creating transformative innovation,” said Mike Jenkins, Business Director, Consumer & Construction Business Unit at Bostik. “More than two decades ago, we launched Bostik’s Best which changed the industry and remains the top selling hardwood flooring adhesive of all time. Next, we launched products that offered unlimited moisture vapor protection and Thickness Control™ Spacer Technology, which eliminated moisture testing, reduced noise and simplified installation. Bostik’s global Axios™ technology represents the next wave of innovation which continues our industry leading position in bringing Smart Solutions that make installers as productive and profitable as possible.”

In addition to the superior bonding, moisture protection and sound reduction performance, Axios™ Tri-Linking™ Polymer Technology is also easy-to-clean from prefinished hardwood flooring before and after cure. Clean after cure with a simple plastic scraper and buff with a dry cloth.

There will be two product formulations of Axios™ Tri-Linking™ Polymer Technology to meet a variety of residential and commercial hardwood flooring installations:

•Ultra-Set SingleStep2™ is a high performance adhesive, moisture control, and sound reduction membrane all in one.  It contains SoundGuard™ sound reduction barrier that typically outperforms ¼” thick cork underlayment, eliminating the costly labor and materials required to transport and install these secondary acoustical sheet membranes. Ultra-Set SingleStep2™ also contains Bostik’s patent-pending Thickness Control™ Spacer Technology, which helps ensure proper membrane thickness is maintained between the hardwood flooring and substrate. Installers can use mallets to engage the tongue and groove or even walk on their work during the installation process without significant reduction in the film thickness that could compromise moisture protection and sound control.

•GreenForce™ delivers the superior bonding, unlimited moisture vapor protection, and ease of cleaning before and after cure offered by the Axios™ technology.  However, it is priced at the lower end of the pricing spectrum because it does not include the Thickness Control™ Spacer Technology or SoundGuard™ sound reduction capabilities. This positioning makes GreenForce™ a terrific solution for jobs where sound reduction and membrane thickness control isn’t a primary consideration.

Bostik will formally unveil Axios™ at the 2014 Surfaces show in Las Vegas on January 28. Anyone interested in additional information or quotes should contact Eric Kurtz, Market Manager – Hardwood & Soft Flooring Systems, at eric.kurtz@bostik-us.com.

About Bostik, Inc.
Bostik is a leading global adhesive specialist in industrial manufacturing, construction and consumer markets. For more than a century, they have been developing innovative adhesive solutions that are smarter and more adaptive to the forces that shape people’s daily lives. From cradle to grave, from home to office, Bostik’s smart adhesives can be found everywhere. With annual sales in excess of $2 billion, the company employs 4,800 people and has a presence in more than 50 countries. Bostik is a company of Total. Visit bostik-us.com for more information.

MAPEI introduces MAPEI Ultralite Mortar Pro

ultralite-mortar-proMAPEI has introduced MAPEI Ultralite Mortar Pro, a professional-grade, lightweight, single-component mortar that can be used for medium-bed and non-sag applications as well as for thin-set installations. This thixotropic mortar is geared to large-format tile installations on walls and floors. A green product that can contribute to LEED with more than 20% recycled content, the lightweight mortar with Ultralite Technology™ provides twice the coverage of a standard thin-set mortar per pound (0,45 kg), providing transportation savings and makes hauling it on the jobsite easier for installers. This polymer-modified mortar is formulated with Easy Glide Technology™ for ease of application. www.mapei.com


American Bullnose Company

American Bullnose Company produces custom-fabricated bullnose and related trim tile for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and contractors throughout North America, with seven locations serving all major U.S. markets. With American Bullnose, bullnose is available for every tile, whether it’s a few pieces for a special order or several thousand for stock. The company’s proprietary glazing and re-firing process results in a hard, long-lasting, high-quality finish that will not scratch, wear, or wash off. And because bullnose is fabricated from the customer’s field tile, back orders and dye-lot issues are virtually eliminated. www.AmericanBullnose.com.