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Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Cersaie large-format modules and slabs offer thin and thick profiles

This year at Cersaie, many Ceramics of Italy companies launched a range of large-format tiles for interior and exterior use and thin tile/gauged porcelain tile products. Here’s just a peek at what visitors to Bologna, Italy, saw on display at the end of September at the show.

Fioranese: Liquida

The Liquida collection, designed by Davide Tonelli for Ceramica Fioranese, evokes 1950s-era wallpaper with its graphic patterns and forms. With a surface inspired by the look of natural limestone, the collection is available in six pastel colors – ivory, dove grey, pink, sage green, powder blue and cocoa – and 8 captivating patterns – Porthole, Frame, Ribbed, Cut Out, Bold, Plaid, Oval, and Block. Liquida slabs (48” x 102”) are suitable for wall applications in residential and commercial projects, and create a seamless, wallpaper-like appearance. www.fioranese.it/

Blustyle: Yosemite

Blustyle’s Yosemite collection is inspired by the look of limestone slabs, carefully produced to reflect the natural characteristics and veining of the material. This porcelain stoneware collection offers solutions for both indoor and outdoor flooring. The 35” x 35” 11mm indoor floor tiles provide guaranteed durability. The 24” x 24” 20mm format pavers, with their textured surface, are suitable for all outdoor flooring – even for use on driveways. The collection is available in three colors – Lake (ivory), Park (beige), and Rock (ash). www.blustyle.it

Ceramica Sant’Agostino: Oxidart

Inspired by oxidized metal slabs, the Oxidart collection by Ceramica Sant’Agostino beautifully conveys the passage of time. The 10mm porcelain tiles are suitable for both floor and wall applications in commercial and residential settings, and are available in a wide range of sizes and graphic patterns. The glazing technique used on the surface creates a combination glossy/matte finish. Oxidart is available in four colors – black, copper, iron, and silver – and in several large format sizes: 47” x 47”, 35” x 35”, and 24” x 47”.  www.ceramicasantagostino.it/en/

Edilgres: I’m Italian Marble

The Edilgres I’m Italian Marble collection draws inspiration from the finest marbles, flawlessly reflecting the material’s natural veining and shades. With this collection, the traditional beauty of marble is met with the modern, high-technology performance of porcelain stoneware. An addition to the company’s Folio 6.0 slabs collection, I’m Italian Marble is available in two 6mm formats (47” x 94” and 47” x 47”), three finishes (Rectified, Opaque, and Polished), and seven colors (Apuano White, Arabesque White, Elegant Grey, Corinthian Beige, Prestige Light Grey, Coffee Brown and Sahara Noir). www.edilgres.it/

Emilgroup: Level

Level, Emilgroup’s new line of large ceramic slabs, opens up new horizons for architects and designers looking for creative ceramic applications. Two size variants – 6.5mm in 63” x 126” and 12mm in 64” x 128” – make the collection suitable for more than just floor and wall applications. These large-format sizes are ideal for use as countertops, backsplashes, worktops, tables, and doors, thus allowing for seamless continuity in the design of a space – from flooring, to wall covering, to furnishings. There are four looks available: marble, cement, solid colors, and design. www.emilgroup.it

Panaria Ceramica: Eternity 0.3

Panaria Ceramica’s Eternity 0.3 collection of large thin slabs is inspired by the aesthetic characteristics of marble with various veining patterns, shades, and elegant designs. Two 6mm size variants – 47” x 102” and 47” x 47” – are available in four different colors: Statuario White, Arabesque Pearl, Breach Grey, and Marquiña Black. The Statuario White and Arabesque Pearl colors are available in a bookmatch design with a Lux finish. Eternity 0.3 is perfect for flooring, wall covering, and custom-built furniture. www.panaria.it

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