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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Construction has begun on Portobello’s new U.S. factory in Baxter, Tenn.

Portobello Group, a leading producer of porcelain and ceramic tile in Brazil, announces the beginning of construction of its U.S. factory in Baxter, Tenn.

“Growing and developing in the American market, incorporating the local culture, generating job opportunities and investments as the result of ‘production to partnership relationships’ with distributors, is what guides this new challenge,” stated Portobello Group’s CEO, Cesar Gomes, Jr. “We are proud to soon present Portobello America’s new United States-based factory. We believe in the strategy, the market potential and, above all, the combination of our know-how with the American team and culture.”

The planned facility is slated to be approximately 895,000 square feet in size, and is located in Baxter, Tenn., roughly 70 miles east of Nashville. Total investment is expected to reach $160 million USD, of which $80 million will be allocated to the construction of the new facility. The remaining $80 million will focus on the investment in world-class tile production machinery. Construction is projected to be completed by the end of Q4 2022. Portobello estimates the new, state-of-the-art facility will create 220 local jobs.

The 92-acre project site is located on the south side of Interstate 40 within the city limits of Baxter, Tenn. Situated in Putnam County, the overall region is considered a national hotbed for ceramic tile manufacturing due to the region’s vast natural supplies of clay and feldspar.

The company currently has two distribution centers in the U.S. market, strategically located in Florida and Tennessee (where the future industrial facility will be located as well as Portobello America’s U.S. headquarters). According to Luiz Felipe Brito, Portobello America’s CEO, “The construction of the factory is the next step of our strategy that began in 2018. We have assembled a world-class team, curated a product portfolio that has proven to be very successful and have partnered with the best independent distributors in the country.”

About Portobello America

Portobello America, a Portobello Group company, designs, produces and provides complete and competitively-priced hard surface solutions focused on the U.S. market. Our belief is that design can transform the way people feel by shaping the environments in which we live. This idea is the essence of Portobello America. Our business model is an integrated one. With expertise in retail and logistics, as well as being founded on design and innovation, our company is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive support to our partners. To learn more, visit www.portobelloamerica.com.

About Portobello Group

Portobello Group or PBG S.A. is a publicly-traded company, part of the Novo Mercado Bovespa since 2008, and was incorporated on December 22,1977. It started its production activities in 1979 and has since been a company that has always been oriented towards “new ideas.” This concept was born with the goal of transforming the life of the city and region of Tijucas and bringing creative design to the greatest number of people.

Today, Portobello is one of the largest ceramic tile manufactures in the world, and the company believes that their vision of an agile, integrated and market-driven business model is the right strategy to follow to continue its success. The company possesses unparalleled design competence, and their innovative products transform people’s lives by creating unique environments in the home, commercial and industrial settings. The Company operates globally but is always aware that the design must reflect the context of the location where its units are purchased. Their culture, strategy, and management focus on enabling the creation and distribution of that design. They generate value for all buyers, through an integrated business model while maintaining operational efficiencies that drive substantial profit margins.

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