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Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Crossville collections Pre-Approved for Collaborative for High Performing Schools 

All Crossville Produced Tile, Porcelain Tile Panels, and Porcelains Slab Products Meet Compliance Requirements 
CROSSVILLE, Tennessee – Crossville Inc. recently announced that all Crossville produced tile, porcelain tile panels and porcelain slab products have received Pre-Approved status through the Collaborative for High Performing Schools. CHPS Pre-Approved products simplify the process of identifying, specifying, and documenting building products that meet rigorous health and environmental standards.  
Founded in 1999, the CHPS began as a collaboration of California’s major utilities to address energy efficiency in schools. Soon after, CHPS quickly expanded to address all aspects of school design, construction, and operation. CHPS Pre-Approved products meet one or more of the following criteria: low emitting materials, recycled content, Environmental Product Declaration, and/or Material Health Disclosures (Declare Label and equivalent disclosures). 
“With Pre-Approved status, Crossville products can be specified for new school designs and immediately meet the Collaborative for High Performing School requirements,” explained Noah Chitty, Crossville’s Director of Technical Services. “Through our industry-leading efforts in sustainability and transparency, Crossville products align with the mission of the CHPS to positively impact designs in K-12 educational facilities throughout the country.”  
To view Crossville’s Pre-Approved EPD and Declare documents, visit the website at https://www.crossvilleinc.com/Resources/Sustainability
About the Collaborative for High Performing School 
The Collaborative for High Performing Schools provides resources to schools, school districts, and professionals about all aspects of high-performance school design, construction, and operation. CHPS develops tools that help make schools energy, water, and material efficient, well-lit, thermally comfortable, acoustically sound, safe, healthy, and easy to operate. With more than 700 completed CHPS schools and another 300 schools seeking recognition, the CHPS seeks to improve student physical health, academic performance, mental well-being, and environmental stewardship by creating the best high-performance school environment. 
For more information on Crossville, visit crossvilleinc.com.
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