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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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CTEF improves two core tile installation training programs

The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) has improved two core tile installation training programs: Understanding and Installing Ceramic Tile and Comprehensive Shower Class.

“Based on student feedback, observations, and the need for additional repetitions, CTEF felt it was important to expand these two training programs to offer more hands-on training time and better explanations of the different methods to achieve a goal”, says Brad Denny, CTEF Executive Director. “It’s critical for anyone installing ceramic tile to understand why certain actions or techniques are performed and how to execute them. We hope this change better distributes the students’ time for the best ROI. “

Understanding & Installing Ceramic Tile (UICT)
The UICT course offers basic instruction in the TNCA Handbook and ANSI specifications along with live demonstrations and actual hands-on experience for the individual seeking an entry-level installer position with a tile contractor. It is also designed for the salesperson, technical service representative, or any other individual seeking a basic working knowledge of ceramic tile.

Formerly a 4.5-day course, UICT has been expanded to a full five days. All aspects of the thin-bed (thin-set) tile installation process including floor prep and installation materials are covered during this 5-day program that takes place at CTEF training facilities in Egg Harbor City, NJ and Pendelton, SC. The course costs $1095.

Comprehensive Shower Class
Formerly known as Mortar Shower Base & Waterproofing, Comprehensive Shower Class has expanded from a 1-1/2-day program to a three-day course focused on properly installing different TCNA methods of shower receptor assembly. This includes common mistakes and causes of tile installation failure.

Attendees will individually construct their own traditional-type shower base and curb out of mortar while following industry-accepted methods and requirements for waterproofing tile showers. They will also learn about alternative shower systems and products available on the market, shower pan repair techniques, as well as sheet and liquid membranes that are used in various waterproofing applications.

Emphasis is placed on achieving optimal performance out of wet area materials and methods to ideally eliminate failures and callbacks. Because instructors address the full spectrum of industry-accepted materials and methods, attendees gain the ability to select appropriate materials and methods for the various wet area jobs and challenges that may be encountered.

The course costs $795 and can easily be bundled with Understanding & Installing Ceramic Tile for a 20% discount. The total cost would then be $1,495.

Both classes offer a certificate of attendance.

Additional Training Programs
The strengthening of CTEF’s two core offerings goes hand in hand with developing new programs to address the demand for education along a tile professional’s career path. More specifically, CTEF has launched the following programs for those serious about the tile trade:

  • 100-Level Foundations Series
    The 100 Level Foundations Series is a one-week program for Apprentices and Finishers. It covers in-depth the components of year one for a ceramic tile tradesperson and includes three components.
  • 200-Level Practical Series
    The 200-Level Practical Series offers the next step in the tile installation professional’s career and prepares them for the Certified Tile Installer test while focusing on the skills needed to be successful in the field as a full-time installer during years 1-3.
  • 400-Level Ceramic Tile Inspection Series
    Ceramic tile industry organizations and experts annually receive countless requests for information relative to installation failures and inspections. In response to these requests, the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) is offering this intense 4.5-day classroom course to aid the inspector in properly evaluating ceramic tile installations.

    Hands-on training is involved. “We take seriously our role as the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation,” adds Denny. “This is useful to both the individual deciding to enter the trade or a business owner with a promising team member. I’m proud to say CTEF classes consistently provide valuable takeaways to make the tile professional better.”

    To register for CTEF training programs, go to https://www.ceramictilefoundation.org/training-events.

About the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation
The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) provides education and installer certification for professionals working in the ceramic tile and stone industry. Certification programs include the CTEF Certified Tile Installer (CTI) and Advanced Certifications for Tile Installers (ACT) programs which are the only third-party assessments of installer skill and knowledge to be recognized by the tile industry.

CTEF is headquartered in Pendleton, South Carolina, near Clemson University and near the offices of the Tile Council of North America (TCNA). For more information, visit https://www.ceramictilefoundation.org.

Follow CTEF on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ctilef, and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CeramicTileEducationFoundation/.

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