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Daltile announces launch of exciting partnership with celebrity Kristin Cavallari

Dallas, TX – June 25, 2019 – Daltile is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new partnership with celebrity Kristin Cavallari.  Cavallari is a well-known actress, designer, mother, and entrepreneur with a strong social following. Cavallari will become the new face and spokesperson of the Daltile brand as well as a key component in the brand’s new overarching marketing campaign that spotlights the fashion-forward products under its portfolio.  By heightening the end-consumers’ awareness that Daltile offers on-trend, style-driven products, the brand will further set its partners up for increased success in selling more Daltile products.

Kristin Cavallari
Kristin Cavallari

“Daltile understands the importance of providing consumers with a vast array of selections to choose from — because every person has a unique way of verbalizing their individual style within their designs,” said Thorn-Brooks, vice president of marketing for Dal-Tile Corporation, parent company of the Daltile brand.  “Daltile offers a breadth and depth of product that is unmatched in the industry and includes all of the latest ‘fashion-based, on-trend products’ that today’s consumers are looking for. From tile and mosaics to extra-large slab, countertops, and roofing tile, Daltile has it all.”

“As the new face and spokesperson for Daltile, Cavallari is a perfect fit for the brand as she is the embodiment of style and fashion paired with a strong desire to have everything she designs represent her personal uniqueness,” added Thorn-Brooks.

“Everything that I do reflects who I am and my personal style,” said celebrity Kristin Cavallari.  “Whether I am designing my home, my retail space, or my office, it’s really important to me to create something that represents who I am.  Partnering with Daltile is a great match, because Daltile is all about self-expression and allowing you to be creative and bring your vision to life.  Plus, I am crazy about home décor. What better partner for that interest? With a massive assortment of design-driven products that combine function and fashion, Daltile offers me endless possibilities to innovate, showcase my creativity, and express my personal style in any project I take on.”

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