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WarmlyYours celebrates 20th anniversary with electric floor heating sale

Lake Zurich, Ill., June 27, 2019 WarmlyYours is celebrating its 20th Anniversary as a company with a massive sale on its flagship electric floor heating product line.

The “WarmlyYours 20th Anniversary Sale”, which lasts from July 1 – July 31, will feature a 20% discount on select floor heating elements. The sale will focus on TempZone floor heating elements, which are used under some of the most commonly-heated flooring types including tile, marble and stone. The TempZone line includes Flex Rolls, Easy Mats, Floor Heating Cable, Shower Floor Mats, and Shower Bench Mats. This variety of different heating elements ensures that there will be an applicable TempZone product for nearly any application. The development of this expansive product line is just one of the many accomplishments that WarmlyYours has achieved in 20 years, said Julia Billen, owner and president of the company.

“We have always strived to improve ourselves as a company,” said Billen. “And the driving force behind that has always been our desire to put our customers first.”

In accordance with this customer-first approach, Billen said that WarmlyYours has made a concerted effort to distinguish themselves from the competition by providing a superior quality of customer service since the company was founded in 1999. This has led to an unrivaled 24/7 Technical Support team based out of Illinois and to educational resources like monthly webinars and daily “Ask the Expert” live Q&A sessions online.

“I have always firmly believed that the secret to earning long term customers is a combination of continuous education and always being there to help them when they need you most,” said Billen.

20th Anniversary WarmlyYours Sale Social Media Image

In order to accomplish these goals, Billen placed a premium on building up the internal IT team for WarmlyYours by gathering talented coders and developers. This cultivation of skilled team members led WarmlyYours to several industry “firsts” including being the first e-commerce site for radiant heating sales, an instant quoting and design tool, a heat loss calculator, and operating cost calculators for both floor heating and snow melting systems. According to Billen, there are even more improvements planned for WarmlyYours in the future.

“I really feel like our team has spent the last 20 years turning WarmlyYours into one of the strongest radiant heating companies in the world,” said Billen. “And I can’t wait to see what the next 20 years bring.”

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