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Daltile designer discusses “Self-Expressionism” trend

Photo:  Floor – Daltile’s Marble Attaché Lavish, Entranced Deco.
Countertop & Backsplash – Daltile’s Panoramic Couture, Urban Farrago

Dallas, TX – March 1, 2022 – Many Daltile products bring to life the popular 2022 design trend that the brand calls “Self-Expressionism”. Self-Expressionism is about expressing our inner selves, tastes, memories and identities through interior design and decor. This trend is part of the newly-released Daltile Trends Report 2022.

“As we spent concentrated time at home due to the pandemic, we began turning to our homes even more as an outlet for creativity and self-expression,” said Laura Grilli, director of product development for Daltile. “We are now well-entrenched in the trend of enjoying DIY projects to create new stories, keep our creativity alive and remain positive.”

“In the trend of Self-Expressionism, there is no wrong design solution,” advised Grilli. “Personal preference and what makes a space feel good to each individual are the guiding principles.”

Photo:  Floor – Daltile’s Panoramic, Diamond Mine
Fireplace Wall – Daltile’s Vivify, Enchanted Green
Fireplace – Panoramic, Stonewall Cool

Daltile Products That Represent This Trend

Within the Daltile Trend Report 2022, the brand showcases several of its tile products that nicely fit into the Self-Expressionism trend:

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