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STABILA pocket tapes – BM 100 and BM 300 – The versatile option for your pocket

Offering a variety of scales, lengths and blade widths, shatter-proof housing, easy-to-read steel blade and convenient operation

Even though a lot of things are increasingly centered on the digital realm, pocket tapes are indispensable tools for professionals who use them daily. They are extremely versatile and can be used to take measurements, cut material to size or check lengths. They are also small and convenient to use as they fit in your pocket or can easily be worn on a belt. STABILA tape measures meet the highest quality standards – the range now includes the BM 100 and BM 300 pocket tapes. Both types are available in different lengths with a metric scale, including two country-specific versions with a cm/inch scale or metric 1000 scale with millimetre gradations.

BM 100: Compact and reliable

The STABILA BM 100 pocket tape is fully protected against impacts by its shatter-proof ABS housing with shock-absorbent soft grip casing. The steel blade with yellow coating is even easy to read in sunlight while the red ten multiples ensure quick orientation and definition of lengths. The moveable start hook with integrated eyelet prevents the blade from slipping, guaranteeing exact measurements. 

The brake button enables easy actuation of the push brake to stop and lock the blade – even when wearing gloves. The start of the blade is also reinforced with a metal plate to prevent wear and ensure accuracy. Additional features include: a strong spring for automatic blade retraction; chrome-plated metal clip for easy attachment to your belt; hard-wearing paint to protect the scale. 

The shatter-proof ABS housing with shock-absorbent soft grip casing provides the STABILA BM 100 pocket tape with the best protection against impacts. The steel blade with yellow coating is even easy to read in sunlight.

BM 300: Robust and convenient

The BM 300 comes complete with the STABILA Easy-Clip which allows for easy attachment to your belt without causing any damage – ensuring it is always close at hand.

The BM 300 pocket tape is extremely robust while also including many key features that make it convenient to use. The shatter-proof PC/ABS housing with shock-absorbent soft grip casing and nylon-wrap coating, which protects the steel blade against corrosion and abrasion with its yellow coating, are designed for harsh construction site conditions. The start of the blade is also reinforced with a metal plate that prevents wear and ensures the long-term accuracy of the tape measure. Thanks to the chrome-plated STABILA Easy-Clip, the BM 300 can easily be attached to your belt without causing any damage – ensuring it is always close at hand.

The tape measure has a standout of over 10 ft (3 m), while the push brake ensures it is retracted and secured in a controlled way. The extra-large, adjustable hook makes it possible to hook the tape into various measuring positions. The special SPIKES coating on the hook helps to prevent slipping – ideal when working with one hand. During the powerful blade retraction, a buffer controls the retraction of the tape measure and protects the hook. Additional details: ergonomically shaped housing for easy use; double-sided scale for optimum readability in any position; red ten multiples for quick orientation and reading. 

Depending on the blade length, the BM 100 and BM 300 pocket tapes from STABILA will fit into practically every pocket, are robust, extremely versatile to use and convenient.


STABILA is a globally well-known, distinguished manufacturer of branded measuring tools of the highest quality. Active in more than 80 countries with its own sales companies, representatives and importers, the STABILA brand is the first choice for millions of professional tradespeople in important measurement technology sectors.

The product range comprises spirit levels, line and rotation lasers, electronic measuring tools, rules and tape measures. More than 550 employees are committed to STABILA’s success worldwide, including around 350 in Germany at the headquarters in Annweiler in the Palatinate. In addition to the main factory in Germany, where all of the STABILA aluminium spirit levels, TECH products and high-end rotation lasers are manufactured, STABILA also maintains its own factories in the Czech Republic (rules) and China (laser measuring tools).

It owes its worldwide success and strong growth to its innovative strength, application-oriented product development in close cooperation with construction and trade professionals, modern production technologies and the consistent development of its sales and marketing activities.

Further information is available at www.stabila.com

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