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Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Xtone launches new large-format slabs for North America

 Xtone, part of the Porcelanosa Group introduces these lines new to North America: TuraBianco LasaCalacatta Antico and Terre Greige.

These large-format porcelain slabs are offered in a variety of finishes and thicknesses, and adapt to any environment and application, achieving greater continuity and visual aesthetics. These large-format slabs allow for the materialization of ideas through a durable, elegant, and functional material. Xtone porcelain slabs are an ideal material for both indoor and outdoor use with endless application possibilities from flooring, countertops, to decorative elements and more. Xtone large-format porcelain slabs are applicable for all settings and environments from residential, contract, and retail to institutional and beyond.

Tura, Bianco Lasa, Calacatta Antico and Terre Greige, along with the entire Xtone series, are produced in Porcelanosa’s state-of-the-art facilities which feature a total of 4,475 solar panels that promote sustainable energy consumption. The facility also recovers 100% of the heat from the kiln, reuses 100% of water through a treatment facility and recycles 100% of waste by reincorporating it back into the production system.

Connection with nature and a lot of personality is what Tura manifests with a collection of digitized fossils that is capable of imparting texture throughout its thickness through successive layers of scales on the material. On a design filled with beauty and history, a fossil world gleams through innovative decorative techniques, allowing us to touch and feel nature with our own hands.

Bianco Lasa

Inspired by the texture of marble that emerges from the heart of the Dolomites, Bianco Lasa showcases the purest state of nature through an enveloping elegant design. Over a soft whitish base, subtle vertical strokes in cream and beige tones emerge, creating a sensation of stability and balance in spaces.

Calacatta Antico
Coming from the renowned quarries of Carrara, Calacatta Antico pays homage to the iconic Italian marble. The perfect blend of beauty and purity through a design characterized by a network of veins that range from deep ochre to warm grey on a delicate ivory background.

Terre Greige
With an organic and natural appearance, Terre faithfully emulates the earthy peculiarities and beauty of sandstone; characterized by its rich minerals and fossils, it presents a timeless design.

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