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Friday, May 17, 2024

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WOW pushes back the creative boundaries in ceramic tile design at CERSAIE

Visit us at CERSAIE. Booth C12-D13 of Pavilion 36. Bologna (Italy) from September 26th to 30th
WOW Design, the tile design studio and specialist in the creation and development of unique ceramic tiles with a high added value, will be taking part in CERSAIE, the international ceramic tile fair held in Italy, with a ground-breaking stand designed in collaboration with the company SUMMUMSTUDIO.

At the international event, tile design studio WOW will be showcasing a pioneering exhibition space, breaking new ground yet again in innovations in tile shows, with the presentation of its latest bespoke tiles, custom-designed to meet the creative needs of architects and interior designers worldwide.

“Purely Ceramic Soul”
The booth, designed to emulate a Mediterranean villa with certain modern touches, will display the ceramic tiles in their purest, most authentic of states. Under the slogan “Purely Ceramic Soul”, visitors will be taken on a sensory journey back to the very roots of ceramic tiles and materials and into the history of architecture.

With this initiative, WOW once again leads the field in the creation of high-calibre ephemeral exhibition spaces, conceived to highlight all the potential that ceramic tiles have to offer. On numerous occasions, this has earned it the recognition of important international design institutions, forging the studio a reputation as a leading reference in the fields of innovation and creativity. 

The Red Dot Design and Casa Decor 2022 Awards
By way of an example, the studio was awarded a prize in the prestigious Casa Decor 2022 Awards for “Unexpected Hamman”, an innovative space designed in collaboration with SUMMUMSTUDIO. Through ICON, a bespoke brise soleil tile, visits to the room were transformed into an all-round experience, involving all five senses. ICON was also singled out for a prize in the product design category of the RED DOT DESIGN Award, one of the most important international distinctions. 

WOW, a specialist in signature ceramic tiles
WOW specializes in the design and development of one-of-a-kind signature tiles, customized to meet the specific needs of projects and professionals from the worlds of architecture and interior design, making it unique internationally. 

The studio has a widely assorted, multi-disciplinary team of creatives for the conceptualization, creation and development of its tiles. It also collaborates with other well-renowned designers, architects and interior designers, experimenting into and creating new tile projects and ideas. This capacity to come up with bespoke solutions has led it to collaborate in some of the world’s top-ranking architecture and design projects.

WOW focuses on developing small-format ceramic tiles, including ones with curved and straight geometrical designs and flat or volumetric ones. It works with an endless spectrum of colours, experimenting continually with the development of textures, subtle nuances, glossy sheens and other finishes. 

A test laboratory for experimentation
WOW’s test laboratory monitors and controls the whole process from beginning to end from analyses, concepts, creative designs and prototype tiles based on hi-tech and artisanal methods to the manufacturing stage. The company boasts a modern production centre equipped with state-of-the-art technology to meet the needs of its clients and each and every project. 

Corporate information
With its 20 years’ experience in ceramic tiles for materials specifiers, WOW is currently present in 76 countries throughout the world.  It has a turnover of almost 40 million euros a year, a stable workforce of some 300 people from the local community, and its turnover undergoes a yearly rise of about 40%.

Its main target markets are the USA and the EU, and it aims to continue boosting its sales there, mainly through materials specifier channels by designing small-format ceramic tiles with a high added value.

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