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Saturday, April 20, 2024

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Best practices for 12″x24″ porcelain, vertical install in 100+ temps


I’m looking for the best practices and/or products recommended for the following application, and what we need to look out for. 

  • Product: 12″ x 24″ Porcelain 
  • Quantity: 14,000 sq.ft.
  • Application: Vertical tile on CMU Tilt Up. Height from 0′ to 44′
  • Install Season: Las Vegas June 100 to 110 degrees varying


Training Director Mark Heinlein and NTCA Trainer Randy Fleming addressed this situation with the member via phone. These aspects of the job were discussed with the member. 

  • Temperature of setting materials, tile, substrate and techniques to keep them within a proper working temperature range.
  • Scheduling work flow to take advantage of time of day temperature cycles and movement of the sun/shade.
  • Techniques to shade the substrate and installation work area.
  • Techniques to ensure cool water for mixing.
  • Selecting adhesives for an extended open time/long pot life.
  • Mixing location of adhesive to aid in pot life.
  • Applying a membrane to prevent the dry substrate from drawing the water of the adhesive.
  • Working with the preferred setting material manufacturer as a partner to select the correct adhesive and membrane and to understand proper mixing, application and open time.
  • Preparing the substrate to ensure all bond breakers/curing compounds are removed and to create the required concrete surface profile for bonding.
  • Identifying the appropriate TCNA Handbook method to be used (likely W202E) and the installation standards and material specifications it references.
  • Requiring the specifier to provide drawings/details for installation/location/materials for movement joints as described by EJ171.
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