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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Dovoh debuts green laser level

The Dovoh Company has recently launched its 3 x 360 Ultra-Bright Green Laser Level H3-360G:

  • High Visibility Green Laser Line –This outdoor self-leveling laser level adopts 110mw high power laser diodes that can project brighter green beams, while most other laser levels use 30mw laser diodes. For best visibility, use a receiver if using in sunlight.
  • Durable Pendulum Assembly –The laser level’s 360 self-leveling feature has an exclusive pendulum assembly design, containing two cushioning structures to protect the pendulum from delivery collision, drop and daily use. It ensures longer lifespan and long-term accuracy.
  • 12 lines Laser Level 3d –This laser level for construction includes one 360° horizontal line and two 360° vertical lines which cover the complete room. You can lock the pendulum to enter manual mode and lock the lines at any angle, or unlock the pendulum to switch to self-leveling mode, at a self-leveling angle of ±4°.
  • Dual High Capacity Batteries –This laser level contains two 7.4V 2600mAh lithium batteries, allowing the electronic laser level to operate for over 16 hours with 12 lines fully opened. The laser can also be used at a job site plugged into to electrical power.
  • Outdoor Laser Level with Pulse Mode –The outdoor laser level 360 support pulse mode, it works with a 10 KHz receiver (not included). The working range can be extended to 197ft/60m under pulse mode with a laser receiver. The receiver is recommended for use in daylight.
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