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Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Is your life out of balance?

Sometimes you just feel whacked out, or more likely, whack! It could be the lack of proper balance in your life. Just as a pilot must ensure the airplane is balanced properly before flying, we must do the same thing with our lives. If your life is out of balance you’re most likely headed for trouble. Here are several suggestions for your consideration.

  • When was the last time you exercised? Jumping to conclusions doesn’t count. Good physical health is the center of our existence; nothing else happens unless you’re physically healthy. 
  • Medicating yourself? I’m not talking about prescription medicines a doctor has prescribed, I’m talking about all that other stuff you’re shoving into your pie hole. Stuffing yourself with unhealthy foods, drinks, smokes, drugs – or just going shopping spending money you don’t have, on junk you don’t need – are all a signal of lack of balance in your life. Plan to improve your habits starting today. 
  • Do you have squirrel brain? Can’t seem to focus on what’s happening in front of you because you’re checking your cell phone again (for the 50th time this morning), or checking emails constantly? Do you obsessively tap your finger or foot? Is your leg bouncing up and down right now? Do your friends or spouse accuse you of not paying attention when they talk? These are all signs of excessive and unhealthy stress in your life. 
  • Dude, are you alive? Do you leave folks hanging without replying to messages or phone calls? Is your inbox or voice mail so full they aren’t accepting new messages? Are you returning your phone calls within a reasonable time? It’s just plain rude and disrespectful to not respond to messages and/or do what you promise, so that’s another wacky action. Continue this and you’ll quickly discover just how un-needed you really are. 
  • When was your last vacation or time off? Burn-out is one of the worst indications of a life out of balance, and worst of all, it is TOTALLY preventable. Just take a weekend off, that will help. You may find this hard to believe, but the world functions without you. Take some time off and relax. See new things and discover new adventures out there. 
  • Do you have a “short fuse?” A sure sign of lack of balance is when you respond instantly to any unwanted remark or happening. When there are only milliseconds between actions and reactions, you are way too stressed. People will start to avoid you like a landmine. 
  • Have you been called “SNARKY?” Hint: This isn’t a good thing! Are you always resentful or sarcastic? Both are signs of being way overstressed to the point of heart attack time. 

Do you recognize any of these signs in your life? Admit it! If you believe you’re not this way then ask your spouse, children, or close friends. They’ll certainly recognize these actions. Then take positive steps to change your actions, TODAY! Your life and your sanity – and likely the sanity of those around you – are at stake.



Steve Rausch
Industry Consultant

Steve Rausch has been involved in the tile and flooring business for over 30 years and is currently an industry consultant specializing in sales, marketing, and interpreting technical issues in understandable terms. You can contact Steve at [email protected] or 404-281-2218

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