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Sunday, July 21, 2024

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Louisville Tile sets foundation for growth

Since 1955, Louisville Tile, a family-owned business, has been providing state-of-the-art ceramic tile and setting materials to both residential and commercial customers. The Company has now grown to 13 locations in five states (Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Tennessee) and has distinguished itself by offering employees long-term careers. Its “gold standard reputation” has been earned by striving to promote from within… and doing so while establishing a family-like environment cemented with a caring culture.

CEO Matthew Saltzman and Crosby Hall, EVP of Corporate Resources

“Louisville Tile has a tremendous pedigree and 67-year history that we’re extremely proud of,” stated Matthew Saltzman, CEO of Louisville Tile, who was brought in within the last year to spearhead the Company’s future growth programs. “It is that bedrock foundation which will allow our business to evolve and meet the unique challenges of the post- pandemic economy as the industry leader.”

Saltzman further explained how the firm has professionalized the Company’s executive management team by promoting a number of internal team members and also, complementing the existing team with the addition of both industry and non-industry talent. Among the additions to the Executive Team are Matthew Saltzman, CEO, Walter “Dub” Newell, CFO; Adam Beck, COO Crosby Hall , Executive VP of Corporate Resources and Don Kincaid, Senior VP of Sales.

In addition to investing in people, the Company has committed tremendous capital to infrastructure investments that will provide the foundation for growth.  “Over the last year, we’ve made major investments in business systems and processes,” continued Saltzman. “For example, we’ve partnered with Salesforce per a significant investment to build a backbone technology system allowing us to provide a world-class customer experience. We clearly understand that growth requires investment… and the family is committed to invest whenever and for whatever is required to provide ROI to our customers, clients, vendors and family shareholders.”

Crosby Hall is Louisville Tile’s EVP of Corporate Resources and a member of the Company’s aforementioned Executive Leadership Team. She is also “family,” being the granddaughter of the firm’s founder, Jud Wilcox, as well as an owner and Board Member. “We know that we must evolve in order to move ahead and maintain our status as an independent family-owned company,” she commented. “That’s why this past year we undertook a major initiative to establish the next generation

leadership from within our existing employee base and formed a Senior Management team. This team is being groomed by, and reports to, the Executive Leadership Team. Those individuals who have been promoted to the Senior Management Team, are the future of Louisville Tile. The investments we are making today will provide them with the ability to manage and run the business for the family in the future. “

“Our future is very bright,” concluded Saltzman. “With the talent that we have empowered internally and added externally, we have created a winning culture. The processes being created to leverage the technology we are investing in, will position us to dominate our markets long into the future. Frankly, I would not be surprised to see the Wilcox family celebrate its 100-year Company anniversary… and it would be my honor to attend that celebration!”

About Louisville Tile

Family-owned since 1955, Louisville Tile is one of America’s leading tile distributors and has built a solid reputation providing state-of-the-art tile and setting material solutions, with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. Its 13 locations in KY, OH, IN, MI, and TN offer careers in many fields, and the company is known for its family-like environment and caring culture. With a focused eye on tomorrow, Louisville Tile has recently added key management personnel and made major investments… to ensure future growth in each and every area relevant to its business.

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