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Saturday, June 22, 2024

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Walker Zanger debuts textured tile

Raised patterns on textured tiles recall the ancient art of bas-relief sculpture, and the embossed-like feel of the decorative designs adds a tactile quality to the tiles that makes a space even more memorable. When applied to interior and exterior walls, textured tiles add a specific kind of dimensionality that’s both subtle yet palpable, and with the inherently 3D element that defines textured tiles, it’s possible to preserve the clean, clear lines of a design while highlighting different distinct styles. Here are a few of Walker Zanger’s new textured tiles.

Walker Zanger textured tile wall



Combining multiple textures of stone in a variety of geometric shapes, the Shift collection of mosaic tiles changes our perception of stone as a decorative surface. Chiseled, scrapped and hammered, the stone surfaces shift from one texture to another in an almost lyrical fashion, creating visual interest that changes with the play of light and shadow.





Walker Zanger dark textured wall tile
4D Collection


The 4D collection offers large and small format wall tiles in contemporary solid shades of deep teal blue and fresh white. Designed with modern living in mind, the clean designs feature on-trend reliefs in chevron, diamond, hex and lines as well as flat fields. Brimming with cool factor, these wall tiles are both practical and design savvy, and are ideal for bathrooms, backsplashes and fashion-forward commercial applications.





radial mosaic
Walker Zanger Tangent


A “tangent” is a classic geometric construct; in the common vernacular, it’s well known as a diversion into uncharted and serendipitous territory. Walker Zanger captures these themes, geometrics and imaginative new explorations in its aptly-named Tangent collection of marble mosaics. A broad offering of inventive motifs and new visions of classic patterns make them a welcome expansion of the designer’s palette for residential and commercial applications. Tangent offers 15 different mosaic patterns in rich marble of varying colors, veining and brightness, creating a unique collection that speaks a new design dialect.



Walker Zanger wood look plank tile
Pedra Madeira

Pedra Madeira

Pedra Madeira’s Portuguese limestone is a luxurious old-world stone with a contemporary, wood-like finish. Available in comforting light (Marfim) and dramatic dark (Preto) shades, Pedra Madeira limestone can stand the test of time and ages gracefully, yielding effortless style for years to come. Planking is perfect for flooring while the brick can be laid as herringbone, offset or straight set.

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