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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Will this subfloor accommodate the request for a zero entry shower?


I need your help approaching this zero entry shower. Possibly a B422C-20. The shower pan has been made out of fiberglass resin in a similar manner to a traditional hot mop. I don’t think the pan is recessed enough and it doesn’t extend far enough out of the shower area.

Should I create a high point by the entry door towards the shower to accommodate for splashed water, since there isn’t a secondary drain here?


The height of the subfloor outside of the shower area may have to be built up to accommodate the mud and drain and slope to the drain, but judging from your pictures, building up the subfloor height outside of the shower is not going to be a simple task. It looks like this wasn’t a well-thought-out overall plan to accommodate a curbless shower system.

Other than adding a curb to the shower, there appears to be no simple solution. It is very difficult when others come up with a plan that really doesn’t work and you have to try to make something work, or something has to be significantly redesigned – or you have to say no to the job. It gets complicated very quickly. 

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