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Friday, July 19, 2024

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Celebrating the good

One of the things I’ve always loved about NTCA – and have even before I was on staff – is the recognition and celebration of those who are doing things well, even as it offers education and training and support to people who need some guidance. One example of this is the NTCA Five-Star Project of the Year, and in this issue we get to ooh and ahh over the amazing job Trostrud Mosaic and Tile Co., Inc. performed for a high-end confidential law firm. This is a job that radiates excellence and precision and is well deserving of the Commercial Grand Prize the company received.

Are you wondering how to achieve that precision and excellence? One way is to consult the NTCA Reference Manual, one of three essential industry publications that help guide tile setters through challenges and particulars of jobs with standards-based wisdom. The 2023-2024 NTCA Reference Manual shipped in August to NTCA members, but you can still avail yourself of this publication in print or PDF format. Read about why that’s a good idea and how to get your own copy. 

Showers are arguably one of the most frequent projects tile setters encounter. CTEF’s Scott Carothers shares insight on how to achieve successful shower projects that are expressions of beauty, and not headaches. 

We have two more stories from contributing writers in this issue. Amanda Mourelatos introduces us to the remarkable Ashley Singer of Tile Jawn, and follows her path from a 9-5 marketing job to owning her own tile installation company. And Alice Dean penned a report from the MUD6 event that took place in August, with interviews from attendees and a look into how what is learned at MUD supports and expands the capabilities tile setters can offer. 

Would you like an additional $250 rebate on Proflex products or a 100-year warranty on work that incorporates them? Well, Proflex is such an avid supporter of NTCA and its NTCA Five-Star Contractor Program that it is offering these bennies for NTCA elite members. Learn more in our Business section. 

NTCA President Sam Bruce shares his heartfelt enthusiasm for CPR training as part of work safety training. He tells a personal story of how this knowledge came to his aid for a family member and meant the different between life and death for an employee as well. Give it a read and consider getting this training – or offering it, if you are an employer. 

Finally, our cover story details a complex project in Manhattan’s Penn Station – a new train hall inside the James A. Farley Building, a New York City-designated landmark and National Historic Site. The new hall is named for U.S. Senator from New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. The project involved products from LATICRETE, a design from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and Rich Goldberg AIA of PROCON Consulting Architects, installation from Miller Druck Specialty Contracting, and products from Nemo Tile + Stone for a world-class hall that received a LEED BD+C for Transit certification. 

As days grow shorter this fall, keep a light burning for those friends, colleagues, family members and pets that bring joy to your lives and find the time to express how much they mean to you. The bonds of community are precious – whether they are from the tile community or your closest circle of friends and family. Let’s all take the time to celebrate them this season. 

God bless,

Editorial Director and Senior Writer for TileLetter and TileLetter ARTISAN

Lesley Goddin has been writing and journaling since her first diary at age 11. Her journey has taken her through a career in publishing and publicity, landing her the editor position of TileLetter and its special publications in 2006. Her goal is to educate, inspire, recognize and encourage those in the tile industry -- especially the tile and stone contractor.

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