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Cutting Edge Tile meets client needs in a “Flash!”

Carl “The Flash” Leonard, owner, Cutting Edge Tile

Carl “The Flash” Leonard is a third generation tile setter, and owner of Cutting Edge Tile
(www.cuttingedgetilenj.com) in Florence, N.J. Leonard explains that he got his nickname because “I’m primarily known for my speed and quick turnaround of projects.”

Leonard has done commercial, residential, remodel work, new construction and custom work including gauged porcelain tile panels (GPTP), exterior pedestal tile installation and bonded large-format tile on exteriors. 

Cutting Edge Tile prides itself on attention to details and offering new and exciting ideas helps it stay ahead of its competition and set the company apart. “I pride myself on being a well-rounded installer in my field of expertise,” Leonard said. “Listening to the client and understanding their needs is very important! I am also certified to install and use a variety of products to aid in providing the best installation available.” The company motto is “Quality YOU can afford.”

Carl “The Flash” Leonard poses with a group of fellow Global Tile Posse members in the module used for the CTI tile setting competition in the Installation Experience during Coverings ’18 in Atlanta.

Leonard joined NTCA in 2015, primarily for the education membership offered. “I love to learn new installation techniques and correct practices,” he said. “Also joining allowed me to be in contact with a network of tile professionals that I can reach out to for help or just advice.

Walk-in shower – in process: “This walk-in shower project posed many challenges,” Leonard said. The shower pan had a linear drain with large-format tile, so prep was the biggest challenge. The shower floor was recessed to allow the foam shower pan to be flush with heated flooring in the main floor area. To get the main floor level flush with the pan, self leveler was poured over the loosely strung heat cables. Once this was done, waterproofing could be completed and tile installation could start.


“The greatest reward of being an NTCA member would be all the knowledge I’ve gained through educational programs and events,” The Flash added. “This has helped me and my business to grow tremendously. The education and knowledge gave me the confidence to do tile installations properly. It also puts my clients at ease knowing that I’ve invested in my company to ensure proper installation on their projects.”

Leonard took his Certified Tile Installer (CTI) test in Cherry Hill, N.J., in 2017 with nine other installers, and successfully passed to become CTI #1393. He makes it a point to tell potential clients all about his certification. “It is the determining factor in them choosing me over others in most cases,” he said.

Leonard said, “being a professional tile installer brings a lot of satisfaction, knowing that my clients will be using something that I built and will last a lifetime!”

White bathroom – In this project, Leonard used a recessed foam walk-in shower pan with a heated floor and underlayment on main floor. This was an old farmhouse, where nothing was level or plumb. “We sistered new 2 x 4s to all the wall studs and poured self leveler on the floors,” Leonard explained. “This was key to the success of this project. Prep is essential!”
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