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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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HomeNewsMotawi unwraps new 4" x 4" Christmas tree tiles

Motawi unwraps new 4″ x 4″ Christmas tree tiles

Motawi’s newest tile —  the 4×4 Christmas Tree —  is here! This tile comes in four unique colorways: Turquoise, Red, Green and Peppermint. These tiles are sure to bring Christmas cheer to any room! They also pair wonderfully together and with some of Motawi’s other holiday-themed tiles. To purchase Motawi’s newest 4×4 Christmas Tree tiles or to view others in the collection, order online or visit the company’s gallery.

Click the link below for more information on events at Motawi’s location.

November 10th | Glaze-A-Tile Workshop: spaces still available
November 10th | Motawi Make-a-Frame Workshop hosted at Maker Works
November 22nd | Motawi CLOSED for Thanksgiving – No Tour
December 8th | Glaze-A-Tile Workshop: spaces still available

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